zipForm® Tip of the Month: Cover Sheet

Your C.A.R. Form Library contains the Cover Sheet, a form that contains all of the core form fields that are automatically copied and updated between forms. The Cover Sheet is a great shortcut to completing and updating key information. you do not need to fill out every field.  Use the Coversheet to focus on making sure you have filled out the client’s name, property address, and your brokerage information correctly. If a field does not apply to your transaction, skip it and continue to the next field or section in the coversheet.
While filling out the coversheet, don’t forget to take advantage of the drop-down look up fields feature to save time when filling out common fields, such as your name, or the property city. Click the arrow next to any field to look up information you had typed previously in that field or a similar field in zipForm® (zipForm® Plus users: learn how to edit what appears in the look up fields), then click on the text entry from the look up field to place that text in the field you are filling out.
You are able to use the Coversheet form from any version of zipForm®. This includes zipForm® Plus, and zipForm® Mobile. zipLogix Digital Ink® and Docusign® users: use the Cover Sheet so your client's email automatically appear when sending! 

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