Brant understands Malibu in great detail


My family has bought and sold several pieces of real estate in recent years and by far the best representation we have encountered is Brant Didden. Mr. Didden knows the Malibu area in great detail and understands the issues of obtaining a building permit in the Coastal Zone. He has helped us buy land and recently listed and sold our home at a very good price. Given the present market conditions this is no small feat. His advertising is articulate, accurate and effective. Brant knows the value of design and can accurately describe the style of architecture and type of construction. He can answer many questions regarding geotechnical issues and bureaucratic red tape. He listens to prospective buyers and helps them find just the right property near the location they desire. If not for Mr. Didden’s excellent representation, our home would probably still be languishing on the market. Instead the new owners are thrilled to have found that particular home which was a perfect fit for their design sensibility and personal requirements. Brant found the right buyers, put the deal together and made everyone involved comfortable and satisfied. This was one smooth transaction.- Vitus Matare