About Brant Didden

Brant was born and grew up on the West side of Los Angeles County in the beach community of Pacific Palisades. He has called Malibu home since 1996. Brant’s experience and integrity assures his clients always receive the best representation possible. His casual, yet professional style is a hallmark of his success. Clients appreciate his constant calm and thoughtful approach, even when the most challenging situations arise. 

Brant’s love and respect for the ocean and mountains has taken him travelling across the globe in search of challenge and adventure. Brant owned and operated Mountain Adventures Unlimited Adventure Travel from 1995-2003 and in 2001 organized and lead Expedition Commitment to a successful ascent of Mt. Everest via the SouthEast Ridge. 

“I know of no better place in the world to live than Southern California. It posses some of the most beautiful & magical scenery on Earth; within 3 hours or less you can be in the desert, the high peaks, the islands or Mexico. The weather is mild year round and of course you have the Pacific Ocean as your front yard…Malibu lies in the heart of it all”. 


Representing Buyers and Sellers

In the fast paced and always changing world of high end real estate Brant Didden has a reputation for commitment and results. His in depth knowledge of the current market trends along with his proven sales and negotiating skills have catapulted him to the top of his field. Brant’s experience and integrity assure that his clients always receive the best representation possible. His casual yet professional demeanor is a hallmark of his success. Brant’s clients appreciate his calm and thoughtful approach to even the most challenging situations that may arise.

Six Common Misconceptions in Real Estate

Popular misconceptions about real estate make many people hesitant to get into the home-buying or -selling game. And that’s a shame.